High Launch High Spin

by Peter's Sunrise

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All tracks composed and produced by Christian Grimshei except Complainte which was composed and produced by Christian Grimshei and Peter Seelig. Vocal, vocal recording and lyrics on Hang On, You'll See, Allah on the Dancefloor and Goodbye Lillies by Jamie O'Rourke.Violin and violin recording on Charlie's Birdie and Red Voices and Red Voices (club mix) by Christopher Marion.

Origin was inspired by Wolfgang A. Mozart's third string quartet. A day in Paradise was inspired by Wolfgang A. Mozart's seventeenth string quartet. Charlie's Birdie was inspired by Charlie Parker: Yardbird Suite. Hang On, You'll See was inspired by Ludwig van Beethoven's eighth string quartet. Yellow Forest was inspired by Wolfgang A. Mozart's first string quartet. Solette contains melodies from Wolfgang A. Mozart's second string quartet. The bonus track Heart of Thailand has been previously released as Applepie: Heart of Thailand, also on Rabiang Records. The bonus track Sunset at the Sea (club mix) is a remix of Sunset at the Sea from the debut album Peter's Sunrise on Rabiang Records. The debut album was released in 2011.

Mastered by Subsequent Studio, UK.
Original oil painting by bonnieashmoredavis.com.

Special thanks to these people, without whom this album would not be what it is today: Jamie for a great time collaborating, Peter for the vocal on Babies Laughing, Bon for the totally awesome paintings that fit the music so well, my wife for being the best girl ever, Peter Seelig for being pleasantly weird and Christopher Marion for always doing cool stuff with a stick and a piece of wood.

Thanks also to Spectrasonics, 8dio, 2caudio, Audiobro, Spitfire, Soundiron, Cinesamples, PSP Audioware, Sonokinetic, Native Instruments, EastWest, VSL and many more for making great sample libraries!

@ 2012 Rabiangrecords.com


released August 16, 2012



all rights reserved


Peter's Sunrise Thailand

We release hybrid electronic music from a porch in Thailand. Now we are working on a project where the goal is to bring dance/EDM with thai singers to thai mainstream.

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Track Name: Hang on, You'll see
Hang On, You’ll See

Suffer on the eve of the first time you heard about it
A proper bond is what he feels when you give him
What it is he wanted
Got a lot to die for, what you got to lie for
A soulfulness when you digress
That it isn’t how it used to be much less
Pragmatic for re-con, reconnaissance for days on days
Reverting back to your ways always
I hope you never stray from me again
That’s what it takes to break through the bottle
That’s how it tastes when taken full throttle
A lot of waste, give thanks for the warning
Without your face, I’ll scream ‘til the mornin’
Your attaché is cursed with a problem
We’ll build a house from top to the bottom
Hang on you’ll see, hang on I’ll be
What I got to try for, she never comes to lie down
A simple sign that we’re all fine just to show me
How it could have been one time
Suffer on the eve of the first time you heard about it
A proper bond is what he feels when you give him what it is he wanted

© 2012 Jamie O'Rourke and Rabiang Records
Track Name: Goodbye Lillies
Goodbye Lilies

Take a guess that it’s your life for sure this time
I’ll make a mess cause it’s this vice of yours and mine
Alleviate the pressure of another party plan
Don’t deviate the course unless you take us from this land
When the time has passed for longing
And your kind has massed an army
Through the field and cross the bounty may
I thought you’d recognize the second time it happened
In your face you must be getting’ blinded… gettin’ blinded
Goodbye the lilies and the graves
I seem to have fallen from your good grace
It’s all I’ve known it’s all I’ve braved
It’s all important for nothing

© 2012 Jamie O'Rourke and Rabiang Records
Track Name: Allah on the Dancefloor
They're all the same
We’ve no one to blame but the ones
Who can change have a hope to remain
Those of you who were untrue won’t levitate to another state
Happy divorce I hope you have no remorse
Or ever come with recourse
Just cause I’m living out here
You keep me grounded on shores so I don’t fall overboard
And find my self in distress cause I’m sinking
But no one is blinking I’ll always be thinking
That you’re good for nothing but
Checking the ways
I may take seconds or days
To put this pen to this page now that I’ve come to the age
Where I’ve been earning my wage just from the music I make
Not from the orders I take I must to join the debate
Whenever I can relate or risk it loosing all feel
My vengeance is real I gotta cravin’ to feel
Just like a magnet to steel
Or like your heart under heel I cannot crush it to meal
I like the sound when you squeal it holds a certain appeal
If you endure the ordeal
The same
It’s always the same but now it will change
Cause you’ve diluted the fame
Love songs by break lights is all we’ve got in our lives
Our lives have constrained now to the point we’ve laid down
I set the course and now I reckon of course
I better show you some force so that I keep you at me heel now
I bet you liken the way I keep on likin’ to stay on just one note
Till I say “bout time” real cool now
I set the distance listen path of resistance
Is it half my insistence
Is that you don’t come near
I’ll make this fair and I’ll allow you to stare at my two lips
As they blare the words that make it on here

© 2012 Jamie O'Rourke and Rabiang Records